Attentions When Using Tube Punching Machines

Hydraulic punching machine is workable for processing various steel pipes, aluminum profiles and angle irons. It can do punching holes, notching arc shape and cutting by changing dies sets.

The user must follow proper operation when using hydraulic tube punching machines. Incorrect operation and maintenance may cause damage to the puncher and dies sets, also will short the tube punching machine life.

Following are attentions when using the hydraulic tube punching machines:

1. It is strictly forbidden to punch holes without inserting the tube. If without a tube, the position of the inner die cannot be fixed. While the puncher moving down, it may crush inner die, which causing damage to dies sets.

Puncher And Die Set

2. When punching is very laborious, check whether the edge of the puncher has been passivated. If yes, remove the puncher and sharpen it, or replace it with a new one.

Punch Toolings

3. Worn puncher can make the stroke shorter. If the puncher returns before punching through the materials, please move the stroke sensor switch down.

Hydraulic Punching Machine Stroke Sensor Switch

4. The temperature of the hydraulic oil should be controlled between 30~60 °C. When the weather is cold, the hydraulic punching machine should be turned on for a period of time before work. When working continuously for a long time, please regularly check whether the oil temperature is overheated.

Steel Hole Punching Machine Hydraulic System

5. After the equipment working for 10,000 hours or 4 years(which comes first), please replace the hydraulic oil and check whether the hydraulic cylinder and oil pump are damaged.